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Paige Gabriel, Bayou Sucre' Pastry Chef


Welcome to Bayou Sucre. I can make your Gift to your family or yourself a Sweet Memory that will become your prescription to provide a personal moment of joy and unforgettable emotion of Good Taste.  I am a self taught Macaron Maker,  using French, Italian and  Swiss Methods, Hand painted and offered in many flavors. Macarons were created by the Chef of Queen Catherine De Medici, during the Renaissance Period.  I also make Russian Zefir, a soft airy confectionery dating back to the 14th Century made by whipping egg whites, sugar and berry puree'. This delicate confectionery is named after the Greek God of the West Wind, Zephyrus.   I love to bake and decorate Homemade Custom Royal Icing Cookies.

"Every Bite Worth the Calories"

 All Fresh Natural Ingredients       

An Experience to Delight Your Taste


Bayou Sucre was created to create Joy for myself and Smiles for my Customers. Just go ahead and eat the Cookie. They are Beautiful and Homemade! Yummy!  I am also a self taught Macaron Maker. French Macarons or Italian Macarons: Both are Delicious!

Bespoke Handpainted & offered in many Delicious Delightful Flavors. Give your Taste buds a treat of Russian Zefir. One of my favorites!

Taste the Magic at Bayou Sucre


I am keeping the amazing people of St. Tammany Parish well-fed and happy with my scrumptious baked goods. I strive to exceed your Expectations. I am a passionate Baker with a Commitment to our community and Plan on continuing this tradition for years to come. I welcome you to go ahead and try just one bite. Create the one experience that will make you one of my Delighted Customers. Let's share this journey of life together, one bite at a time!

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